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May 1, 2020

you know the USA is an oligarchy, right? but don't just take some princeton eggheads' word on it
—listen to a former president. nothing highlights this truth like the response to the covid19 crisis:
TRILLIONS shoveled to wall st. by unanimous consent with less than minimal relief for those
in dire need. no wonder some are so desperate they'll take the bait and risk everything for the
"privilege" of going back to work as wage slaves. the US is a one-party state with no opposition,
just lip service and grandstanding but no actual resistance or voice for any but big money donors
and lobbyists. i see no hope for reform within the
        parameters of this corrupt system. change
will have to be forced from the outside in and the
          ground up. though small, today's protest
at amazon HQ felt like meaningful action. if nothing
  else, i felt less alone for first time in weeks.
what's crazy is how humble the demands are—that
      big business and billionaires pay their fair
while providing decent conditions for
                   workers. it's shameful we're relitigating
gains made by unions generations ago, but
                  we're in a new gilded age and have to dig
                 ourselves out. stay alert, organize,               show up. we're all we've got. it might feel
                    futile, but sometimes                                  you have to go in circles to get ahead.