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June 29, 2020

fresh water mill
                        creek meets rising tide at salish sea
kayaked downlake into the wind feeling muscles i'd forgotten. houses big and small, '70s apartments built on pilings--can't do that no more. people fishing from shore under overpass, a metaphor there waiting to happen in a parody of public space, people eking out a meal (if they're lucky) in the shadow of a contested stretch of interstate. i drift back on the wind, no hurry or effort, i admire but don't envy the lakefront places. the bigger they get, the less homey they seem. i'm bobbing along in what looks like a banana--plastic yellow kayak as cheap as it gets (on loan from a neighbor). in this moment everything is perfect, no tax, no rent. the truth is you don't get what you pay for--you always spend more to account for profit. it's a double-edged sword, workers exploited, customers cheated, in between lies the thin stuff that drives the american dream. a pot of gold can't buy a rainbow. the best things in life are free--sun, water, air, time to think and feel, no need to do anything or go anywhere. it's all here.