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August 16, 2020


somewhere in his copious corpus,
bukowski has a poem fantasizing
about being plucked from obscurity
by erudite benefactors who whisk
him away to a literary shangri-la.

i got a taste of that when i received
an email out of the blue asking me
to contribute to a buk centenary
chapbook tribute
. the editors had
seen my first and only post to a buk
forum--and ensuing kerfuffle when i
butted heads with the forum's butthead
moderator. they liked my moxie!

charles bukowski is a polarizing figure.
some say he's a misogynist, but what i
find refreshing and necessary is his equal
opportunity misanthropy. in a world
plagued by humanity's failings, his clear-
eyed critiques have been a solace since
that day i first stumbled upon his work....
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