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November 16, 2020

that sign pretty much
sums up this country's
response to covid, and
seattle is probably doing
better than most places.
fearing i might have been
exposed, i scheduled an
appointment at drivethru
testing station in sodo, but
a pre-thanksgiving rush of
wannabe travelers cut in
line ahead of me, it seems.
on the one hand, i am heartened
by the good cheer and competence
of the people administering the nasal
probe--it's just the sheer obliviousness
and selfish habits of local drivers that
got me down. mutual respect is the
solution to all of society's woes, but
mass media mind control mechanisms
by design pit us againt each other to
increase private profits, and nothing
cultivates a sense of entitlement
like getting behind the wheel
of your very own climate-
controlled isolation unit.