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November 19, 2020

between wrapping up one's a crowd and saying yes to (almost)
any and all jobs pitched my way, i feel i've been absent here.
main gig right now is a pretty involved unfinished basement
remodel that entails cutting in windows; reinforcing a
wonky wall
; scribing sleeper subfloor over sloped
concrete pad with 5-inch deviation across
20-foot span
; framing new walls; running
added circuits for receptacles, recessed
lights, and heater; drywall; painting; and
 finally a snap together floating floor, with
custom built-in desktop for good measure.
i'm really enjoying it! i actually look forward to
getting on site to see how far i can push it forward
any given day. i don't always hit my goal, but most
days i do, and i fall asleep each night visualizing
the next day's mission. the house is on an east slope
of south beacon hill, separated from neighbors by dense
stands of tangled vegetation. it feels quite removed from
seattle proper (which isn't the most urban of cities to begin
with). because covid and because it's an option in general,
i pee outside at the edge of the backyard, screened from the
house by this tree. these days i don't take breaks except to drink
or relieve myself, bookends of hydration and elimination. but in that
short time outside i try to soak it all in, breathe deep and observe the lush
surroundings and count my blessings. look! a hummingbird! lately i've been really
drawn to mushrooms, and it felt like i made some new friends when these emerged.