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December 20, 2020

somewhere in the ancient distant past, i think it was march, i was planning my
 comeback with dj'ing, a reading, mail art workshops, and a bit about being an
urban hermit at my comrade in comedy brett hamil's joketellers union, but covid
wiped the slate clean with sanitizer, gloves, and a faceshield. tonight he texted
to say he now has a turntable, which i took as hint he was angling for records, so
i dug through my stacks to see if i had any dupes to share and sure enough i found a
classic, complete with helpful bluetape reminder that it was fated to be given away.
since he subscribes to this site, i'm still not divulging what it is, but i will go so far as
to say the band's name has something to do with blood--and every track is a deep cut.