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  March 20, 2021


I'd hoped to have more
time to decompress here in
Sunbury, but due to various delays I only
had one full day and there was much to do. Sarah's dad Bill
has a well-equipped woodshop with everything from state-of-the-art
tools to functional antiques. We chopped, planed, ripped, routed, joined, & sanded
four 4-foot shelves Sarah will need for a portable shrine, comprised of red oak locally sourced
and milled way back in 2009, as noted [sic] on plank's edge. He picked it from his barn stash, pausing to set a
trap, a high-tension process that kept me in suspense as he recounted the time he had one snap shut on his arm and how
he freaked out his neighbor when he showed up at their door asking help to wrest it off. My load was so tightly packed
I had to unload half of it just to find a way to Tetris in the four shelf boards, which were too short to strap on the rack.