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  March 21, 2021


              To recap: Sarah and Miso flew out to Ohio a couple of weeks ago, then
 Sarah went on to Philly while Miso stayed behind with my in-laws,
 waiting for me to catch up by land. Today we completed the cross
 country trip together, a full day of driving so I did my best to set her
 up for the journey with food, water, treats, litterbox, and her favorite
 blanket. She's a seasoned traveler, no need to confine her to a box,
 but the ride was bumpy over Pennsylvania's potholed highways
 and I think she got hot, so she retreated to her litterbox
 at about the halfway mark, slept as best she could
 but kept getting jarred awake by crappy roads.
 It was a taxing day, capped by miles-long
 traffic backup once we hit the city proper,
 all thanks to a single disabled vehicle in the
 center lane. We were both kind of grumpy by
 the time we arrived, and I felt bad about it. I
 told myself to force a smile for Sarah, because
 I'm pretty sure we remember our actions
 more than how we felt at any given
 time, but I'm afraid I fell short and
 let my irritation show. Anyway, we
 made it, both of us eager to sleep it off.