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  March 30, 2021


today we got down and dirty, broke
ground on petty island bench triptych.
rented two-person auger from Wharton,
where the lifelong resident employees
had never heard of the 292-acre island in
their own backyard. (they were fun, though,
in a way northwesterners often aren't. there's
something guarded and self-serious about the
folks in seattle.) the machine was a beast, but
luckily handy martin was there to lend both
of his to digging the dozen three-foot-deep 8"
diameter holes for the 4x4 uprights. we hit many
big rocks. but when i tried to split them with my sweet
18v makita subcompact rotohammer, i neatly pierced them
instead, plucked them out like skewered potatoes--oh well,
whatever works! we had to backfill a little to strike a balance
between getting below frost line and staying above the water
table, which at full moon high tide this afternoon seeped into some
of the holes. it was grueling, but miso made it all ok when we got home.