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Picture of the Day
  March 31, 2021

the weather wasn't
great but working in
is nothing new.
23 years in seattle
prepared me for this
& i came equipped for
off-grid conditions with
canopy, generator, and
a borrowed chopsaw.
even in 4WD, the truck
slipped sideways in the
muck. worn blade made
more smoke than dust
so i diverted to cartun
where owner
boasted they were new,
"...only 110 years
in business."

 the Magicut on closeout was maybe just half that old. "an anti-Q," he 
 joked. the hole was a little big for the arbor, which i didn't notice until 
 it resulted in a disconcerting high rpm wobble. i took a deep breath, 
 started over, eyeballed it with figertips, reseated it loose around the bolt 
 close enough to centered where it spun pretty smooth and i knocked 
 out 24 miter cuts in a dozen 4x4s, just ahead of daylight's dwindling.