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June 6, 2021

It's funny working on a project meant to bring attention to the watershed, yet
having so little time to actually get immersed in it. Today's kayak trip with
 Matt Budd promised to change that, with a put-in just a few hundred yards
from where he's living outside Yardley. The plan was to paddle upstream
against current and drift back down, but instead we opted for a side canal
  route and when we finally did portage over to mighty Delaware River, it was
so sluggish we had to paddle downstream as well. It was a challenge to my worn-out
lackadaisical self to keep up with Matt's energizer bunny energy, but we partially solved that
when we tied together and he towed me, a beast of Budd-in', calling to mind trade of bygone days
when mules, horses, and humans trod the rutted towpaths, tugging cargo at walking speed. In general,
that pace is good enough for me, but at some point the rope broke and I had to pull my own weight again.