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February 27, 2022

ideal conditions for a morning paddle--flat water
and cloud cover. john lent us life vests and VHF
for meandering pelagic excursion in lax pursuit
of distant whale spouts. it's pointless to chase
after them as they go about 10x faster than
we puny 'yakkers but it did give direction
to our desultory efforts.
a better strategy is to shadow a guided tour,
but those move relentlessly, whereas there's a
  lot to be said for intermittent drifting--out of
earshot of highway hum, mesmerized by
indigo shades of 'Au'au channel depths,
snacking on bagels and blood oranges.

which isn't to say it was all smooth
sailing. without repeating tiresome
details of trivial bickering, allow
me to suggest that if you ever
want to break up a couple,
gift them a double kayak.