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April 29, 2022       
visited jesse in arboretum, he gave me a watercolor
lesson, i painted a cyborg and a demon. meant to go back
home to pick up my gift for diana but it was nice out and
getting late so i decided to walk the 5 miles to birthday
 cookout, past my old boat with its new owner keeping
alive the tradition of partying in the slip. took about an
  hour and a half to get there. nice time, then opted to
 catch Phantom of the Paradise at the Beacon. after,
walked to Mt. Baker station a little after midnight,
 worried i missed the last train but then it arrived.
relieved, settled in for the quick ride home but
then was announced it would go only two stops,
terminate at Stadium, close to nowhere. walked
to nearest bus stop, commiserated with others
ejected into rainy night. caught 124 to Union,
 transferred to 10. made it two or three stops,
then exit door wouldn't close and we were
stuck. after failing to strap the doors shut,
driver went to rear exterior panel and shut
 down the bus, a ctrl-alt-del gambit. it was
close enough to walk the remaining distance but i was
curious to see how it turned out, waited on sidewalk for
 system reboot. driver explained, unlit cigarette dangling
from lips, that Metro is suffering lack of spare parts and
a loss of institutional knowledge due to Covid attrition.
  he powered up the bus and the doors worked, to his relief,        last run of the day, he just wanted to finish his shift and
light that cig. in the end it took over 90 minutes to get home.         would have been faster to walk but my feet were sore.