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April 23, 2022
there's precious little of "old
seattle" left--colorful homes
inhabited by people whose
lives don't revolve around
money and status, who use
their time and talents in
pursuit of less tangible goals
such as community building
and spiritual growth. life
seems to slow down when
you visit these places, like
saraswati and john's yard, a
cross between plant nursery
and construction stockpile,
where we met to plan next
month's garden art exhibit.
jesse, linda, amber, sarah, &
i goofed around in the sun
with PVC pipe scraps picked
out of the overgrown grass,
then patrick wowor dropped
by with this birthday portrait
of john. everything is rushed
and confused these days, so
it's truly a gift to dial it all
down and simply exist for a
spell. come see for yourself.