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May 17, 2022
not all who wander are lost but this person sure was, thoroughly, as if they'd made a conscious effort to access airport areas never intended for pedestrians. en route to join sarah at her parents' in ohio, i paused to puzzle over construction method of this impressive sculpture. buying a pack of gum for $2.99, self-service checkout asks if i want to round up .01 for ukraine and i press yes, doing my part. on takeoff, a single blue m&m rolled down the aisle, reminding me of maui. the elder couple seated beside me wore the homespun clothes of mennonites. i'm used to seeing them on trains but these were the first i've seen reading the new york times on a plane. if they had phones, they never took them out, and i wondered if gum was allowed when i saw the man working his jaw in obvious discomfort on descent to columbus. i offered them some and both accepted, eyes asparkle with an inner light you don't often see since we've had our souls sucked out by screens.