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May 21, 2022

today was eventful. bill let me drive his convertible to alum
creek park
. i thought we were going for woodland hike but
instead was introduced to my first ohio beach. sarah found
a trash bag in the sand so we took it as a sign to pick up
the litter lining the shore. (we left the fish as they were.)

someone's umbrella blew in then i ended up going
for an underwear swim in cold rust colored water
ankle-deep to a brontosaur. from there top-down
to optek to pick through surplus components of past
. i pocketed a couple double convex lenses.

sarah's dad regaled us with lore and memorabilia
accumulated over 50 years in his humble office.
back home we continued working on projects, i
patching and painting front porch, sarah and bill
cleaning gutters and replacing buried drainpipe.

predicted downpours arrived ahead of schedule,
cut our work short. we dressed up a bit for dinner
and ohio central symphony. the Ellis Island piece
reminded me of seeing neil diamond on broadway
in America on a 6th grade "educational" field trip
but pacho flores stole the show with his sweet tone.