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May 29, 2022
the best artist statement i ever read was
three simple words: know your materials.
here in arizona there is an overabundance of
sun, so i sought to harness some of its excess.
perhaps this burning desire was born when
i picked out some lenses at optek, the idea
being to etch drawings into scrap wood.
almost blinded myself with first attempt,
white hot light bright as a welder's tip
seared a floating pinpoint afterimage
into my eyes so i found it wise to
invest in some dark, dorky glasses.

no scraps handy, resorted to buying a couple 4-foot
sticks of oak and poplar hobby board, then chopped 'em
down to coaster-size squares. stupidly bought some other lenses
but landed back on the one i started with, like someone re-marrying their ex.
my hosts are partial to old west imagery, so i searched horse, skull, & cowboy
clip art, placed paper on screen and traced with sharpie, then transferred to
wood by pressing face down and wiping alcohol on the back with a Q-tip.
i touch up the transfer then follow the lines which, being dark, burn quick.
why do this? no good reason other than i enjoy exploring a new process.