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June 4, 2022

there are some things you will hear
only on the train, like this morning's
eye-opening PA announcement: "in
the restrooms, where it says toilet
, that is NOT for used toilet
paper--that is for toilet paper rolls."

mary from prescott AZ bummed
a smoke, ecstatic it was a clove.
only had 5 minutes at station stop,
snubbed 'em out halfway done but
pledged to meet later. lonely, she
hugs me goodbye in albuquerque.

waiting for my ride, a large man, 41,
returning defeated to live with parents
in oklahoma, tells me how he flatlined,
resented being revived. his eyes well up,
i say it's good to cry. they call all aboard
and he shouts from across the platform,
"stay away from meth!" it's good advice.