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Picture of the Day
June 27, 2022

saw this graffiti at the
community center on
our walk back from the
beach. winston smith is
the protagonist of 1984,
and seeing this so close to
home made me wonder if
i've been sleepwalking with
chalk in my hand because
i've been rereading 1984 for
the nth time. it is my bible, a
book i keep coming back to
to better understand the world
and my place in it. it's about so
much more than surveillance and
torture--it analyzes class, timeless
recurring social patterns, and digs
deep into linguistics, psychology, and the
frailty of "the indomitable human spirit." spoiler alert: what makes it terrifying is that winston, for all
his insight and good intentions, is broken by an inhuman power system that's taken on a life of its own.