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October 2, 2022


after talking about it for at least 7 years, we finally contacted a realtor on august 13 to start our house hunt. this oddball cabin came on the market at the same time and 3 days later we did the thing you're not supposed to--fell in love with it. well, it was a longshot daydream anyway with any number of red flags we expected to dissuade us, but none of them proved insurmountable and we closed september 19, an anticlimactic remote online virtual signing lacking all ceremony and yet the deed was done. it would be another 2 weeks before coming back out, key left by realtor under a rock, sarah in wisconsin working on her art. i rented a uhaul and enlisted matt to help move the first of what will be many loads. i also changed the locks. sunday is jam day but will and jesse were curious, too, and came out to help unload. before they arrived, matt and i rowed an inflatable out into hood canal and i went for a glorious swim, my tahuya baptism. i'm all in!