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October 12, 2022
hello kitties!
i've had CDS
since miso passed.
didn't know how bad
it was until these two
arrived at sea-tac tonight.
sarah brought 'em back from
her midwest art and family tour,
minnesota barn kittens eager for
adoption. in addition to pointy ears
and whiskers, cats have
invisible antennae tuned
to receive psychic pleas
from those seeking feline
companionship and pounce
into your life when you're
most ready for them. names
have not yet stuck, but face
to face with the tortie for the
first time, "Patchouli" sprang
to mind. her golden-hued bro is
Sunny Lemonbutter, aka Sherman,
dba Buddy. a lone cat is a black hole
that bends reality around it. two more than
double the effect, an exponential increase in cuteness
that renders time and space meaningless, reduces the rational
mind to a gelatinous mass quivering in an ecstasy of madness.