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March 20, 2023
this is such a tipping point--
vernal equinox, a change in
light. the weather, too, tilted,
see-sawed between clouds and
sun, drizzle and sunshowers. had to replace a window i just replaced because
the argon seal was broken and it was fogging up inside. then i piddled about, reveled in the simplicity of this truckbed platform solution, organized materials, denailed salvaged lumber, bagged construction debris, hung a hook for hose, and rounded it out by filling low spots in the driveway one wheelbarrow at a time. there's a free dirt pile a hundred paces off, where this guy had been carting away truckloads all afternoon. when he saw me shoveling my third load he offered to bring me a bucketful. how could i refuse? brad was all smiles, a living embodiment of generosity, the kind of person i aspire to be. you know, a heavy equipment operator.