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June 3, 2023

today we set a course for adventure,
our mind on a free dinghy off trashnothing.
it was worth the trip to seabeck; they even threw  
 in the oars--literally. but little did we suspect it was also  
community wide garage sale day, so we did the circuit, filling  
the boat with booty from 10 different homes: simpson ties, storage  
bins, diner china (to match my grandmother's), an insulated safety vest,  
checker cab Vans, LED trim lights for our cans, pitchforks, sawhorses, bench  
vise, folding camping cot, football, wet tile saw with stand, sundry bags, a box of    
3" ornamental wood numbers (unopened), garbage can, shelf brackets, and, yes, even the   
kitchen sink (free). at our last stop, the guy couldn't believe we got a livingston dinghy for free.  
when i told him it needed a patch, he gave me a near full can of fiberglass resin. it felt like destiny