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June 4, 2023
spacer usually when i look out the window i can expect to see trees and maybe some birds, so this was a slight surprise as we don't get much through traffic on our unpaved spur road, let alone a boom truck hauling a 100 year old tractor, but the Fordson was the least surprising aspect as we recognized it as neighbor Terry's--one of three he's collected, two restored to running and this one for parts. he needed to make room, so Bill from up the hill plucked it claw game style and swung by afterwards to introduce himself, his ebullient demeanor belying a bruised and lacerated face as he stepped gingerly from the truck, laughing as he told us how he'd rolled it into a ditch a few days prior, cracked four ribs on the gear stick and couldn't get out until passing friends rescued him with a come-along and glass of whisky. he admitted to already having had a few and invited us up to his place to continue the party. old hard drinking me would have jumped into his front seat eager as a golden retriever but that was then and anyway sarah and i were in the middle of putting deer fencing up around the garden, but i promised to come up soon and take him up on his offer of free cottonwood 4x4s he'd milled himself.