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June 17, 2023
 there's an exodus afoot from seattle to less expensive places, 
 among them kitsap peninsula, where we now live. we drove an 
  hour from tahuya to a part of bremerton i'd never been before 
 for tim and sandy's housewarming, tucked away on a dead end 
 street with shore access at its terminus, with a short steep billygoat 
 path leading to a stony beach on port washington narrows, within 
 sight of this town's bread and butter, the cold grey steel of gunboats. 
 (in the usa, evidence of the military industrial complex is never far 
 away, and even in our sleepy neck of the woods we are subjected 
 to occasional treetop overflights of tactical aircraft, related perhaps 
 to the submarine base further up the inlet.) 

 exploring, i found the mouth of a creek
 followed its dry bed up a slot between steep walls of a ravine 
 to this emerald glen, a secret teenage Eden hidden from prying eyes, 
 the kind of hideaway where youngsters first dip their toes into the wider world 
 outside the prescribed range imposed by parents, a private place to probe and unpack 
 potentials, party and philosophize, make one's mark with a spraycan yawp, daydream 
 futures and feel what it's like to be let off the leash--part nature and part ruin, mixing the 
 verdant promise of youth with forebodings of inevitable collapse, of both empire and the self.