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June 21, 2023
hot and sunny again, did a day of dusty hard work,
ready for a swim by the end of it but had to wait
for the tide to rise sufficiently after a 1:31 pm
low of minus one point four feet. solstice
makes for a big tidal swing, and by 6
o'clock it was well on its way to
9:19 pm high twelve point five.
inrushing tide looked braided
as it poured into the channel.
i rode the tidal race into the
lagoon, followed by a bunch
of jellyfish, each about one
foot across. which is nothing,
according to james, who told
us they can grow 6 feet wide,
"big enough to eat a 6-year-old"
(i'm hoping he was joking), adding he
once saw one bigger than his dinghy. this
one was smaller than a boat but it was love at
first sight, a sketchbook rendition of life, a back
of the napkin diagram, how a child draws a flower,
barest outline of a pattern, a microbe writ large, filled and
surrounded by its element, essentially weightless, diaphanous,
venomous, carnivorous, transparent protoplasmic parachute, half a
billion years in this perfected form, capable of propulsion but tending
to drift, aimless as thought, a cell in a system beyond comprehension.