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June 24, 2023


i've known john bacon about 20 years, give or take. worked for him on and
off from 2007-2013 building fancy custom houses. it was great! learned as
i went, expanded my skillset, no overhead of my own, he provided the tools,
all i had to do was show up on my bike at various sites over the years--west
seattle, westlake, eastlake, phinney ridge, beacon hill. then i moved to maui
for a bit. when i got back, our roles had reversed: i started working for myself
while he closed up shop to take a regular job. we kept in touch, but not as much
as when we ate lunch together 5 times a week. he bought a fixerupper in west
seattle that he's been renovating for three and a half years, lately bogging down
because he made it difficult for himself by opting for this innovative design. i
offered to help him with his if he helps me with mine. this was our first session
on his place, siding with lapping cedar planks over ribs like a ship's--so many
compound mitered corners! he made the cuts and i nailed them up, keeping the
discontiguous sections aligned with each other by frequently measuring to top
reference line you see him shooting here with a laser (visible in daylight only
with the aid of rosecolored glasses). it was a fussy process of tiny adjustments
plus ladder work in general is the worst but it was fun working together again.