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June 25, 2023
spacer when it comes to scavenging off of free lists, i
doubt i'll ever surpass today's string of success.
since i knew i'd be in seattle, i scheduled five
pickups scattered across the city, planned my
route for maximum efficiency with the rigor
of a military campaign, post-it note treasure
map stuck to the dash.woke up at bacon's in
west seattle, only had to go a few blocks for my
first score: antique but functional tripod. after
a detour to delridge home depot, returned to a
hillside house on queen anne where months ago
i wrestled an oak file cabinet into my truck. the
owner was there and threw in tools, flower pots,
and a ladder in addition to the four large trash
i'd come for. next stop was born of pity: 20
issues of paris review that no one had claimed
after more than a week. surprise bonus was a
guitar, typewriter, desk lamp, and djembe on a
free table out front. lateral move across 73rd
to phinney ridge, where a large mission style
left on a porch challenged my strength.
by now i had to pee, so the gods provided an
unlocked honey bucket next door. at lakeside
address in fremont, a cool dad bestowed his
grown daughter's old ludwig drumkit, added a
mixing board and digital guitar effects station.
fully loaded, i proceeded to 4Shadows jam...