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June 29, 2023

how does one prioritize when
everything is a priority? there's
so much to do on this house that it's hard to
know what to tackle next. but one thing we knew for sure
was our indoor cats needed to have an outdoor area of fresh
air and sunshine, so most of the past two weeks was dediCATed to
retrofitting the back deck into a catio, a project which seemed modest and
straightforward at first but turned out to be a can of worms, requiring first structural
, then a whole lot of milling salvaged lumber, assembling custom framed screens,
attaching tall 4x4 posts, and finally putting a chicken wire lid on it. we cut corners on this last
step, simply stapled it over the top instead of building a more elegant framework as planned, but
it's good enough for now and passed sunny's inspection. it's slightly wonky but open for business.