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June 30, 2023

                 Hood Canal isn't a canal, and I'm not the only
                            one bothered by this lexical inaccuracy. But this
                              isn't even Hood Canal--it's an artificial inlet
                            dredged by a real estate developer in the mid
                              20th century, attached to the "canal" by
                                        a slender channel that turns into a
                                          veritable rapids when the tide pours
                                               in. (OK, not a rapids but a race.)
                                               I've been calling it a lagoon,
                                             but a better word might be slough.
                                 What do these distinctions matter when
                 it's all connected parts of the Salish Sea? And this
  morning was pretty indistinct, edges erased by fog.
#slowliving is my ethic and it was good practice
  to sit quietly and watch it burn off.