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July 4, 2023
yesterday, our feisty neighbor Bill drove his ATV across our yard, right up to the front porch, demanding, "did you put up that sign?" i couldn't tell where he was going with this line of interrogation, so i simply said "yes" and hoped for the best. he beamed and shook my hand, saying i'd earned some community points and everyone was talking about it. he again invited us to come up to his place so today we took him up on it. we knocked unannounced, but he seemed ready and eager for company. he is a spritely man, possibly part leprechaun, and he laughed as he poured himself a whisky coke and plied me with smoked salmon as sarah cracked one of the beers we brought. another neighbor dropped in for a nip and then we toured the property, strewn with derelict vehicles--1923 tractor, old trucks large and small, even a 1938 wood tugboat on jacks--but the highlight was the sawmill and heavy excavator he uses to move the logs he scavenges. well, that and his cats, who come and go through a window onto Ewok style walkways that branch out among the treetops shading his hillside home. Bill is 75 but still works part time keeping pierce county ferry engines running. with ongoing shortage of skilled workers, it's up to the old-timers to keep things moving.