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July 28, 2023


hard to tell where flower ends and bee begins in this tangled symbiotic dance. when i was a child, my mother cultivated sunflowers, posed proudly with them looming overhead. not sure i directly remember, but i can picture the pictures, lost except as memory. sarah's been leading the charge on gardening, with my sole suggestion being sunflowers, now grown so tall i had to reach high to photograph these bees. mom was a soft touch when it came to nature, could forget human cares entranced by the workaday marvels of the cosmos continually reshaping itself. her last wish was for her ashes to be sown at the base of a sapling but that tree didn't survive its first minnesota winter, just another collapsed pattern in the eternal reorganization of matter. that living memorial was a bust but, for me at least, these flowers evoke her spirit--the way she'd close her eyes, smile, and lift her face to the sun.