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March 6, 2024

spacer i should've known something was wrong
when sunny didn't greet me on my return
home from 3 hours of errands in belfair,
but he can be a hard napper and seemed
happily sacked out on the heated floor so
i didn't think too much of it. but when he
didn't come running at the sound of the
treat bag opening, i checked in with him
and saw he was not ok. i called the vet and
described his symptoms; they said to bring
him to the nearest e.r., which in our case is
an hour away. i rushed him over and after
  a quick triage they decided there was no
immediate danger but told me to wait and
they'd do a full exam as soon as it slowed
down. after waiting two hours, they said it
  could be another hour or two, maybe longer
if they got even busier, so i opted to take
him home and watch him closely because
patchouli was left all alone in the house
for the first time in her young life and i
feared she'd be freaking out. at first he
seemed to improve, snuggled in bed with
me while i watched a movie, no hope of
sleep until i knew for sure... then around
3 am he took a bad turn so i brewed a big
thermos of coffee and hit the road again...