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March 13, 2024

the pacific northwest is a liminal place and nothing says liminal like looking up from peeing on the compost pile to see the sky fade blue to grey, fog fringeing through the woods, ancient echoes quivering tips of tree branches striving ever upward. ripples of energy overlap here--the vast relentless ocean, the sun's wide arc from solstice to solstice, the grinding plates of tectonic forces underfoot, the culture exchange of a migrant port, and a history of conquest so fresh you can almost smell it. i zipped up and went back to helping sarah dismantle and rebuild the hugel garden out front, carefully transplanting raspberries from last year that have run wild, already leafing out, fluffy dirt dank as cake. found a worm thick as my pinky and uncovered another that stood up straight a good 2 inches, straining towards the sun. i swear i saw it smile.