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June 22, 2024

spacer for shortnight, i wanted to do something around the rising tide. my initial ideas were hokey and overcomplicated and it wasn't until today that i streamlined the concept to simply lying on the ground and letting the encroaching water lift and float me, surrendering myself to the whims of current, wind, and wave. after an arduous point-to-point swim yesterday where i struggled against tiring conditions and creeping hypothermia in just a bathing suit, i figured this would be easy. ha! passivity is not the same as ease and the 75 minutes i endured as flotsam encompassed boredom, suffering, and bliss. breathing proved a challenge with whitecaps swamping my face and even in a wetsuit it wasn't long before i was shivering, teeth chattering, wondering how far i could push it before harming myself.... can't wait to do it again! (photo: sarah kavage)