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Don’t Waste Words

Thirty-two screen captures from Picture of the Day ( selected for brevity and poetic thrust packed into appropriately slender paperback. Strong representative sampling of creative nonfiction from pioneering literary blog (est. 1997).
BikeWorhsip photo essay book cover - Working man in overalls on a bicycle waiting at city intersection, Vienna

A love letter to bicycling!
Forty bike-themed selections from 20 years of living car-free.
Strawbale Studio Winternship 2019

Diary of a month spent at Strawbale Studio in Oxford, Michigan for a natural building materials course taught by Deanne Bednar. Lasting life lessons learned.
Police State of Mind

Reflections on American policing from 36 selections spanning 18 years from 2002-2020, covering everything from Supreme Court decisions, surveillance, the carceral state, all the way up to the George Floyd uprising and CHOP/CHAZ Seattle.

In the time before disposable lighters, wooden matches came in little cardboard boxes adorned with colorful labels that people peeled off and collected. This series presents thematic samplings of this commercial art form from Soviet-occupied Czechoslovakia of the 1950s and ‘60s. This edition celebrates bees! Other installments cover topics such as Agriculture, Ecology, History, Aerospace, Architecture, Sports, and Propaganda.
Maui Unplugged

Lush photos of off-grid farm living on Maui’s rugged southeast shoreline stretching from Kipahulu to Kaupo. Tractors & chickens & beasts, oh my!
Picture of the Day Selections vols. 1 & 2

The digital word made flesh, hundreds of screen captures from Robert Zverina’s seminal Picture of the Day website (, arranged chronologically in hefty full color tomes, perfect coffee table or bedside companions with a rich variety of photography and quirky true life stories suitable for browsing or reading straight through.
Pocket Miso

Created as a “port-a-cat” minibook when separated from my best friend, you can select whatever size you want of this seminal feline artifact of fifty fabulous photos favored by ailurophiles from Fidalgo to Fiji and further!