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Graham Caveney
  • Gentleman Junkie
    An excellent introduction to the life and work of American artist William Burroughs, it's especially notable for the beautiful design which incorporates snapshots, artifacts such as hat-cleaning receipts and Army reports, and washes of Burroughs' shotgun paintings which background each textured-paper page. This substantial hardback is reminiscent of Burroughs' own scrapbooks and penchant for the pastiche, its look and feel mimicking the experiments in randomness-- cut-ups and ballistics-- which (in)formed so much of his work. It is foremost a visual, tactile, and olfactory (new it smells like crayons) treat. The New York Times called this "an empty book," which is reason enough to love it.

Allen Ginsberg

One of Eric Drooker's extraordinary illustrations

  • Illuminated Poems
    illustrated by Eric Drooker

    In the tradition of William Blake, sumptuous paintings and drawings complement rather than describe the poems. Chosen by Drooker, the selections reflect the painter's political activism, but "Howl," "Sunflower Sutra," and "On Neal's Ashes" all are here, as are other lesser-known poems such as "When the Light Appears," which is featured on the Cornershop album When I Was Born for the 7th Time.

Kelly Klein
  • Underworld
    This classy collection of photographs (most of them black-and-white) from the famous, infamous, and anonymous covers 100 years of shutterbuggery of the least public aspect of fashion--underwear. Unusual? Perhaps, but what else would you expect from the wife of Calvin Klein? She, he, straight, gay, in between--this book will be appreciated by all connoiseurs of photography, fashion, and the art of the book. Underworld is a loving appreciation of the human form with often whimsical arrangements (the Maidenfrom center spread is a masterful touch) featuring the work of Andre Kertez, Steven Meisel, Man Ray, Robert Mapplethorpe, Brassai, Robert Doisneau, Imogen Cunningham, Cindy Sherman,  and 70+ other surveyors of the human landscape.

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