had a girl
break up
w/ me b/c
i didn't know
what i wanted.

that was enough.

the last time we fucked
i was on top --
         no, she was,
pink t-shirt on,
the highway roar
mistaken for ocean
on the landward side
of her parents' condo...

(the list of what i can't
 remember is long, but i
 don't know where to start)

i was fucked up.

i laid with her dad on the floor.
he was stretching his back
and i played along.

her mom asked me,
   what's a samovar?
(she was reading C&P by Fyodor)
i thought it was a kind of sword.

she looked it up. i was wrong.

she snipped the string neatly,
a 12-word letter from chicago:
   i think we should break up;
   you don't know what you want.

i laughed out loud--
              the truth hurts,
                 but not a whole lot.

nov 20 2002

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