The Rich. (a screenplay)

-God, I am so rich I am bored.
*How can you be too rich?
-I didn't say I was too rich. I said I am so rich I am bored.
*We could go run over squirrels in our SUVs.
-Don't you ever get tired of that? You men are so simple--I don't know why we let you run things.
*Because of these throbbing gene injectors, baby. C'mon, howz about you let me knock you up. You know it is God's will.
-Oh, why don't you go start a war. It will give me something to cry about.
*And swell our bank accounts!
-The poor are lucky--they will never suffer this ennui.
*We should kill them all.
-Let them starve.
*How they hang on!
-Promiscuity will be their end. They wallow in filth. Epidemic will claim them.
*They reproduce too fast. We must simply annihilate them.
-Whatever. God, I am so rich I am bored. When's the game start?

oct 1 2002
typed with one left finger on
1895 Underwood typewriter, r.
hand in a cast for broken wrist

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