I have discovered that all human evil
comes from this, man's being unbable
to sit still in a room.
                              ~Blaise Pascal

a clock in every room
but no time
to enjoy the room
able only to be
in one room
at a time
and they say
the problem is
the inability
to sit still
in a room
but it's not
sitting still
that's the problem--
it's the room.

it's the clocks

it's the constant
how much longer
can this go on
b/c it's obvious
it can't last,
not even a castle
or skyscraper
w/ its pretend
mountain of stone
can give
the sense
of stars--
distant, infinite,
and if not
permanent, then
at least
beyond our ability
to smash them
(for the time being,
 that is)

nov 25 2001
sunbury OH

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