...Time Drunk [from the "First" series].

the 1st time i got drunk
was in Kutz's basement,
listening to the radio w/
Chet & Tom & Paul. his parents
were doctors and would not
miss the alcohol we stole
sip by sip until we were
rolling around on the carpet,
convinced we had found it.

i once went 7 months without.
i felt better, was getting more done,
then on a plane to amsterdam
i ordered a free heineken
and got that 1st time elation again.
the second one didn't do as much
so i ordered a third & then some.
now, it's a rare day when i don't drink,
and it's those times that i feel drunk.

dec 26 2002
sunbury, OH
after driving 14 hrs from
minneapolis to sarah's parents'

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