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June 30, 1999

Jed had taken the day off from his Java programming job and asked if I wanted to go for a nature walk, but I-5 was already backed up so, after a quick detour to Ivar's Salmon House 4 o'clock happy hour, we settled for Discovery Park. On the sandy bluffs two men were flying expensive 78" wingspan radio controlled gliders. The two gentle ridgelift jockeys were joined by the hardflying Ted Turner lookalike we'd seen months before (at that time he'd stood with steely gaze waiting for a favorable updraft which never came). His plane was angled more sharply and he flew it with Chuck Yeager daring--rollouts, tailspins, and even holding it upside down for so long I was sure I'd seen it wrong until he pulled out of the loop. One of the gentler jockey's rudders locked and he nosedived, the balsa wings snapping off and shredding the shrinkwrapped plastic sheath. There was some suspicion brewing about overlapping frequencies. Ted said, "Maybe you shouldn't have been standing so close to me," without ever taking his eyes off the sky which his raptor dominated with the muscular grace of an F16. It was clear he ruled this turf, the thin shriek of his swooping bird occasionally drowned out by passenger jets on approach to Sea Tac.
photos taken May 10, 1999 will the real ted turner please stand up?