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5, 1999

chris ketchups his fry macleod style

The Seattle "they" said it always rains on the 4th of July, after which summer really starts--and it seems they were right. Today it was nothing but sun so Sarah and i took the 86 to Golden Gardens, a Puget Sound Beach where the cool breeze is good for kites and the water's way too cold for even the quickest of dips. We missed the last bus, walked all the way home through Ballard via a half-off thrift store sale. I waved my $.35 1963 "Dynagroove" LP in feeble greeting to the person hanging out of the passing red car who'd shouted "Rob!" Turned out to be Macleod from Olympia who I'd met at three New York parties, most recently the Slides of Mar...ay. So we went for beers and fried delights at the Pacific Inn, which in addition to Butthole Surfers and Built to Spill has added Frankenchrist to its jukebox.

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