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May 22, 1999

Woke up way early on Krista's floor just outside of DC, Mikey on the couch demonstrated his minidisc and later drove Kris's new vehicle as the pace car in the 5 and 10Ks at the Skate of the Union. Had to bail early so former IISA officemate Anne gave me a noontime topdown ride in blue Miata to Vienna Metro, from which it was a long haul and hot walk to DC Greyhound station. Got to Jersey City just in time for the Slides of March party (two months delayed). The backyard barbeque set opened with Carmen of The Flying Winnebagos playing live for the first time in 2 years. "I'm terrified," he confessed.

After two beautiful songs The Randy Pampers took to the 2-inch high stage assembled from pallets that day. Former Spent members Annie Hayden, John King, Joe Weston are now in cahoots with former Spent fan John Myers (on guitar and melodica) and new drummer Andy. As they played, Macleod on the fire escape projected slides onto a sheet hung on the brick wall of the adjacent townhouse. A more formal slideshow followed, the highlights being Macleod's mom's sweater designs being modeled by an up-and-coming Damon Wayons and Tamzan's disconcerting contortionist broom trick.

king and tamzan striking chords

The Setlist: Epistle to Dippy - Donovan | I Don't Mind - Buzzcocks | Bigger than the Sky - John King | Talk to Me - APB | Motor Away - Guided by Voices | Age of Consent- New Order | Outdoor Miner - Wire

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