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November 4, 1999

step on it I took a nice walk today. Stuffed leaves of many varieties into an envelope to Susan. Touched expensive shirts in vintage shop. Leafed through GIANT ROBOT at Steve's Fremont News. Slices of soap loaf with exfoliant seeds at one end piqued my interest but I'm not that bigga fool with my money yet. The cake Rebecca ordered for her sister read, "Lucky 28th, Farah's Great!" I figured stet and walked out with it, pink box cradled in my hands. Cat Eyes from Free Range for her Trek, it's pitch dark now by quarter to five. A litterbug at the intersection, I stoop for his trash. Twelve steps later my karma reward: 12 stubby scraps perfect for Louie's cat ladder. Rain City documentary shelf: ATOMIC CAFE and GREY GARDENS. City Peoples provides 24 brackets, a box of wood screws, white spray-on primer, and a promotional refrigerator magnet. Glock, realtime animation, and a baggie at an unknown ridge location. Stop TEXACO for directions and two cans of  SAPPORO. "I used to put a beer bottle in my mouth, chew the cap off, tear it in two, then bite those bits again. Then I'd spit it in my hand, just a lump of metal. My friends said, 'Why do you wanna do that? You'll lose your teeth!'" [All this while he runs AT&T MasterCard for the $5 purchase] "Well, they were right," the old clerk says, fingering the gaps in his smile. Well, HE knew where the liquor store was, porchlight for alcoholic moths running quick math on handfuls of minis, the only game in town at this late hour. Tap the bottles--glass or plastic? Another fifth of vodka for tomorrow's absinthe.