nothing says
                          nothing like nothing

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November 7, 1999


Nothing says nothing like Nothing. Now you can wear your malaise for all to see. Just send us your favorite garment in a self-addressed stamped envelope and we'll silkscreen the distinctive Nothing logo wherever you want it. Looks great on backwards baseball caps, boxers, and the belly of Uncle Bill's wedding dress.

But wait, there's more! In addition to despoiling your wardrobe, let the sound of SCHMECK fill your ears, mystify your mind, and corrupt your heart--all at no additional charge! 46 minutes of the music they don't want you to hear, including classic SCHMECK anthems alcoholanddisillusionment, oncetherewasaway, and leaveyourlife; surreal micromovies for the blind munny, tonka, and jiminjim; never before released instahits 3x4, upside, and palereflexions, plus 19 more tracks that will alter your definition of the acceptable.

Send $10 American to
3955-B Fremont Ave N
Seattle WA 98103 USA