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April 3, 2000

travis spikes launches another wine-winning shot on mike spike's pingpong catapult My dear Clone, when it comes to toys, it's better that you play with wooden ones, or any other material that was formed by human hands, imbued with a measure of love and attention (for after all, what's the difference?). Wooden toys leave something to the imagination, do not create an artificial view of the way a thing should or must ideally be. (Mass production should be limited to human replication.)
Stay away from guns, except for real ones. Those you will learn to respect; a toy gun will desensitize you. If you want to play war--and all boys do--use a stick and spray spit rat-a-tat-tat with yr mouth. It's the same effect. You're never too old for toys, and always share. Let the other person go first and wait your turn. They're the reason you're playing, everyone is a winner, enjoy one another. Competition adds spice and purpose, but winning doesn't make you better and losing shouldn't make you curse. And in every game you play, try to be more like a monkey.