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April 4, 2000

do you remember laughter? Very Special Forces will not stoop to using sexual imagery to sell records or boost sales of tickets, T-shirts, and ancillary merchandise such as spare kidneys and other vestigial organs.
Saw Femi Anikulapo Kuti--son of famed afrobeat pioneer and Nigerian revolutionary Fela--at the Showbox and danced my ass off. Literally. I had to ask someone to help me stick it back on using the tacks from the posters taken down in aftershow souvenir frenzy. With my ass tacked back in place, we headed to Rainbow to catch last set of VERY SPECIAL FORCES. If you've ever wondered what Presidents of the United States of America, Butthole Surfers, and the Pixies would sound like if they were siamese triplets conjoined at the id--and I know you have often wondered about this--then every Tuesday in April is your great chance to hear these bastards of imagination etch gigantic operatic rock epics with all the precision and multicolored smoke trails of the Blue Angels themselves--except these very special forces do not fly jets and I was lying about the smoke trails. At Nels Cline's Interstellar Space show I resolved to listen to bands instead of photographing them, but that doesn't stop me from snapping the fans, James and Toby beaming to Y2K #1 rockin' smash Asteroid (1.2M). Come out Tuesday and see them. It will be $5 well spent.