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June 3, 2000

Look at LuLu! Isn't she cute?Started the day by making a LuLu mask (modeled here by Andrew) for soon-to-be-6 niece Sarah. It must have been pretty authentic because it freaked LuLu out--only the second time I've ever seen her hiss. Perfect Saturday for a bike ride to Enny-day Aine-blay where goose poops outnumbered sunbathers and ill-behaved dogs combined. The blackberry bushes are gone but a few shoots have already sprouted between the cracks of concrete lakewall and I built my own version of spiral jetty by moving ten-ton boulders with my fingers. Like the original, mine too was soon submerged. There must have been some NASA splashdowns in Lake Washington because a woman found this space helmet in the water. Mount Rainier rose from the lake, white and translucent as a midday moon. It was the ice cream man's first visit of the season. At Peter & Heather's good-bye Mups bbq, people tried clovering their tongues --some more successfully than others-- while C.C. tried to learn us how to knot cherry stems with our mouths. The night ended as it sometimes will, with Otter Pop vodka drinks and Triple Sec ice block bobsled shots at Wedgewoodstock. We may have felt lost in the woods way up at 4200 92nd St NE, but Jim the mad cabbie was there in a flash and drove us home at warp factor 6.