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July 2, 2000

The Chase Is OnWoke up surprised to find I'd fallen asleep on the couch at Beacon Hill housesit where Klaun Klaun was born the night before. Monte and I rode along the water, he on Christina's '42 Schwinn, I on trusty rusty squeaky Trek 830. Sat on rocks along Elliott Bay Trail where I would've forgotten my backpack hadn't we had to wait at Happy Hooker fishing pier for fresh coffee. Ask not for whom the machine drips, it drips for thee. T-91 bikepath interesting as always, narrow fenced-in trail between freight yards and long trains with aluminum fuselages on flat cars headed for Boeing and a fleet of new cars waiting to be unpeeled like oranges. Watching a lone perfect burger sizzle on Pacific Inn grill, Monte and I reminisced about food service jobs and washing dishes. From there we were whisked to Anne E. Moore's Pie Off where Bruce's Traditional Apple Pie took top honors though Sarah & I favored the almost exclusively butter & sugar Chess pie. We both got the headaches we deserved and headed back to Pacific Inn for beer and grilled cheese with onion rings analgesic, which pretty much did the trick. The bonfire was a rainout so we sat around Steve's for a while, gorilla heads on a string discussing plans for this year's Burning Man.